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Vickie Magic is passionate about inspiring herself and other to live their best life.  To wake up to what MATTERS, to focus your attention to what MATTERS.

As a Journalist and owner of local Sunshine Coast Magazine, Matters Magazine and an Executive Life and Business Coach with MATTERS Coaching, MATTERS Online Courses, and You MATTER Retreats, for over ten years, Vickie’s purpose and passion is to transform lives.  

Her strong point is empowering people to really FOCUS their thoughts and ENERGY on what MATTERS. 

Three Tips for Online Course Creation

by Vickie Magic I am specialising in coaching people to put their courses together. The thing that I know for sure through having done this myself was that I really

We are all in this together! Support Local

It is more important than ever before to support local business. How can you support local? What can you personally do? You could purchase a coffee or take away meal

Oh oh oh it’s MAGIC , Vickie Turns 60

What?  Is that actually even possible? When I look in the mirror, I just don’t see it, I think I have that opposites disease.  I have honestly had a pretty

Planning Your Pivot

Are you planning your pivot? How could you pivot your business? What would you need to do? Why do you need to? What is possible for you? Is it time

Your Questions Answered.

Dear Vickie I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I am always in overwhelm, doing do much and never have enough time to do it all. HELP? Sally

Are you Dancing in the Rain?

By Vickie Magic It most certainly has been an interesting time of late. The world has changed in so many ways.  Do you believe, like many, that this is a

Wake Up – To What MATTERS!

Wake up – yes you.  Are you sleeping? How long are you planning to sleep for? No really, we just mosey on through this thing called life, and then one

Dream Big!

By Vickie Magic So, be honest, if you went back in your mind to 20 years ago, did you have BIG DREAMS for yourself?  Have you lived into them?  If

What Are You Dreaming Of?

By Vickie Magic WHAT ARE YOU DREAMING OF? How can you make it happen? What is something that you really want for yourself and your life? Is it something you

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