Wake Up – To What MATTERS!

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Wake up – yes you.  Are you sleeping? How long are you planning to sleep for?

No really, we just mosey on through this thing called life, and then one day WHAMO, we suddenly wake up.

Has it happened to you yet.  You wake up one day and realise that you actually do have this (thing called life). You wake up and realise that everything you have seen in a certain way for your whole life wasn’t read. 

You realise that the snake that you saw as a snake and were petrified of was actually just a piece of rope.  And no matter what from this day forward you just can’t unsee that, it will just always be a be a piece of rope, in fact, you can’t even now see how you saw it any other way.  To you it’s now rope and that’s that.

It’s the same when we WAKE UP, we can’t actually ever imagine ourselves sleeping ever again.  We will always be AWAKENED to our superpowers within us.   Yipeee, that’s gold. It really is because it means that we can’t go back to the start, we go back a little, a few steps and we will. That’s life.  But we will never go fully back to prior to that wake up call.  That wake up call where we realised that the answers to everything weren’t OUT THERE, they were INSIDE of us.  OMG What the. Are you kidding me, are you telling me that I had this all along.  No way.  YUP! It’s true, each and every one of us already has everything that we will ever need to be all that we ever want to need to be.  All of us, that means bar none. So that means you, and it means me.  It’s about uncovering and discovering that we have the superpowers within us.

My thoughts on the superpowers are that they are.

The POWER OF NOW. Finally being able to live out live in the present moment.  No longer upset or angry about something from the past, or stressed or worried about something in the possible future.

The POWER OF SURRENDER.  Focusing on outcomes, but no longer driven by them, in fact surrendering all outcomes and committing to all process, all actions to achieve what we want.


This super power that allows us to choose again when the choice we just made isn’t serving us (which means making us feel sad, unhappy, upset or any other emotion that doesn’t light us up)


Understanding that our relationships are based on focusing on what we love instead of what we don’t love.

THE POWER OF COURAGE. Being brave enough to stand tall in who we are. To be proud of who we are.

THE POWER OF BELIEF. This one kind of speaks for itself, but it’s about believing in ourselves and also understanding that the TRUTH is whatever we say the truth is, it’s our truth, not the actual truth. That’s the truth.


Being grateful for what you have actually is a catalyst for getting more, it’s a super power for JOY.

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