About Vickie Magic

Do you suffer from MONKEY MIND MADNESS, (that voice in our head that constantly tries to sabotage our success and happiness)?  Would you like to learn MONKEY MIND MAGIC? (A seven prong process for overcoming it).  


Monkey Mind Madness is where you absoluutely beleive the voices in your head that tell you that you are:

Not enough, not worthy, too thin, too fat, too dumb, too stressed, too anxious, too scared, too angry, too……. insert your too here………………………  If you are ready to live the live that you seriously deserve – you are in the right place.

 If you suffer from anxiety, stress, overwhelm or fear?

If you compare yourself to others constantly, or fear that you won’t ever be the version of you that you want to be.

If you would you like to trust more? 

Feel more calm and relaxed? 

Have more courage? 

More confidence? 

Live a more fulfilled and happier life?

The framework of this work could be just the answer to take you to the transformation you both desire and deserve.

The SEVEN SUPERPOWERS work together as tools that you can pull out whenever you need to.  It doesn’t mean you won’t have the voices it just means you will have the POWER to breakfree from the voices. 

It just means you won’t stay stuck for as long, won’t stay down for as long.

Who doesn’t want that?

What matters to you?  Honestly, have a think about it, what do you want? Is is time for you to do the work. 

Do you want more money, happiness, peace, freedom, confidence, courage? 

‘Monkey Mind Magic’ is about MASTERING  the seven superpowers to breakfree from the BULLS**T and finally become the true, authentic you and live the life that you desire and deserve. 

This work is about helping you to really focus on what matters.

Sometimes we actually have to get out of our own way.  I am passionate about giving you the tools to TRIGGER your own breakthrough.  

A breakthrough is where you suddenly see the impossible as possible.  So what do you want for yourself?  Let’s trigger that breakthrough and let’s do it now.

Let me inspire you really work out what matters the most to you and then let’s trigger that breakthrough for to get that. 

I believe that EVERYTHING you want is inside of two words and those two words are HAPPINESS and PEACE. 

I am a journalist and magazine owner Matters Magazine, An NLP Trained and Ho’oponopono certified, ICF Accredited (International Coaching Federation) Life and Business Coach. 

I have been facilitating personal upgrade and YOU Matter retreats for over ten years. It’s all about TRIGGERING breakthroughs to get you more of what MATTERS for you.

I love working with groups or individuals who may be in the middle of a huge changes, they might be stressed out, anxious, depressed, or worried  they might be in overwhelm, lacking confidence or at a cross roads in life, they are ready to TRIGGER the breakthrough, to see the IMPOSSIBLE BECOME POSSIBLE. 

I’ve suffered with overwhelm, burn out, lack of confidence, I’ve had eating disorders, addictions and more.  I believe that overcoming these personal challenges make me the right person to work with you or your team. To support you to get rid of the crazy monkey mind limiting beliefs we often have.  To finally step into our authentic self, to learn the PERSONAL SUPER POWERS that give us the level of HAPPINESS AND PEACE that we all want and most definitely deserve.  Click on the button below (online program) to go on the waitlist for my next MONKEY MIND MAGIC intake at the end of August.  

Multi Award Winner

Vickie says, “This is the boring bit”, however she is a proud recipient of each and every one of these awards,  the awards do indeed validate her work and her passion to make a difference. 

To be honest, though,  if you asked her, “What’s the most important thing to you?” Her answer won’t ever be awards, it will always be,

“The hundreds of personal breakthroughs she has helped trigger” 

“Making a REAL difference in the life of my mentoring and retreat clients and the magazine readers”. 

(check out the testimonials to view the many client transformations)

Vickie is a proud and grateful recipient of :

Commercial Radio Australia Sales Person of the Year 2004.

 ‘Outstanding Business Person of the Year’ in 2011.

Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Micro Small Business Woman of the Year 2011.

‘Sunshine Coast Small Business of the Year’ in 2013. 

Vickie no longer puts her hat in the ring for awards, she is busy writing a book, facilitating her courses, workshops, Mentoring teams and individuals,  putting on her various solo, couple and ladies retreats and of course publishing Matters Magazine. 

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