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By Vickie Magic

So, be honest, if you went back in your mind to 20 years ago, did you have BIG DREAMS for yourself? 

Have you lived into them? 

If you have, well done, do you have more dreams for the next 20 years? What are they, and how will you make them happen?

And if you haven’t, why not?

What happened?

Didn’t happen?

Is there a reason that you can name that is the reason you didn’t live into those dreams?

Is there a reason that you can name as to why you are sitting there reading this, potentially thinking, it’s okay for her to say this, she probably had a great childhood, she probably had great parents, she probably had a beautiful family environment? She isn’t me, I had this happen, that happen, the other thing happen… I hear you, I see you.

And you know what? I am most definitely not sitting here, in judgement on my high horse, telling you that you could have, should have, or whatever else, because I know that your past, your history, and my history for that matter, wasn’t always within your/my power or control.

But I can tell you right here and right now that I truly believe with every single part of my being, that your future is! What happens is not totally within our power, but the truth is that what we make of what happens and the meaning we place on it is absolutely 100% within our power. In essence, that is in fact where all of our power is.

I truly believe that starting right here and right now, you can make a decision to DREAM BIG. You can make a decision to put your FUTURE in your very own hands.

I truly believe that you can STOP being held back by your past, stop being held back by your beliefs, (the truth in your heart about why you can’t) and you make a decision, right here and right now that YOU’VE GOT THIS. You could make a decision right here and right now that no matter what happens, you have the power of choice. That means you can choose, and you can choose again, and if the first choice doesn’t serve you, if the first choice doesn’t light you up, you can keep on choosing until what you choose makes you feel good. This isn’t easy, but it’s doable. The power of choice is a LIFE CHANGING skill, a LIFE CHANGING tool, and you already have it, you just need to decide, right here and right now, to choose again. Click your fingers and choose again. JOB DONE.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is easy. Like anything that you have to learn, it takes time, and it takes effort, but it starts with catching yourself. When you make a choice that doesn’t serve you, that makes you feel sick, that makes you feel heavy, just remind yourself that you have the power to choose again. Ask yourself, “In this those moment, what would light me up? In this moment what do I want? In this moment, what might serve me better?” And then ever so gently, ever so slightly, just lean into that.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s the truth, however every single day, another brick was laid towards building Rome. You are Rome. And if you want to be built, take tiny weeny steps towards building, or rebuilding you. Make it effortless, make it easy. Don’t make any drastic moves, any drastic decisions, just lean forward, just step forward, just a tiny bit and know that your learning, your stepping forward, your decision to remind yourself, to ask yourself these questions can only facilitate change for you. I truly honestly wholeheartedly believe, YOU’VE GOT THIS. Do you?



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