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What are you waiting for?

I hear it every day of my life: I will be happy when . . . . . .

When I get this degree

When I get this much money

When I get the business on the straight and narrow

When I lose weight

When I find love

When I get married

When I have a baby

When the kids leave home

When I leave this toxic relationship

When I get a new car

A new dress

A new bit of jewellery

You insert yours: I will be happy when I …………………..

Maybe there is more than one thing that you think has to happen before you can MAKE YOUR MOVE.

This issue of the magazine is all about inspiring you to SPRING INTO ACTION; to STOP WAITING for things to be perfect, stop waiting for all of the above and just DO IT. Nike seriously has it right! We often let perfection get in the way of progress. We are all the same; we all do it sometimes. I bet there is something you have on hold right now that you will do when? 

Not to be morbid whatsoever, but what if ‘when’ doesn’t come? Wouldn’t we be better off to live our lives right now, in this moment? It’s something that took me a fair while to learn; however, now that I have, I truly feel that it is my responsibility to be the light, to share joy, to share some tools to inspire others to live their best life and to enjoy each and every moment and to STOP WAITING FOR SOMETHING BEFORE SOMETHING ELSE IS POSSIBLE, LIKE HAPPINESS, because the reality is that happiness is possible RIGHT NOW.

You see, while you are waiting for this, that or the other thing, life is passing you by.  And the truth is, you have no idea just how much of that precious life you have left. Neither do I. But losing Mum in November last year taught me that life is even more precious and even more unknown than I even thought. She was too young, she was too beautiful, and she was my mum and now she’s gone, in a flash, in a moment.  We must, must, must, must, must live our life NOW. So, if there is something you are putting off until………. I truly encourage you to think again.

I truly encourage you to SPRING INTO ACTION right now and choose NOW to play full out.

We often watch from the sidelines, dictating what others SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do. We are not down there on the court playing our best game, but we are very good at pointing out when others are passing the ball wrong or slacking off in some way. I say, “Stay in your own lane, play your own game. Don’t worry about what people think of you, because the absolute truth of it all is, that WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.”  When you learn that, when you live that, when you believe that, EVERYTHING CHANGES FOR YOU in a way that you will never want to go back. You get to LIVE YOUR LIFE. You get to be YOU. And you get to LOVE you. And much more than that, you get to love NOW. You truly don’t have to wait for anything to happen; it’s the journey that is life, not the destination. 

Sure, sometimes what you think of you shows its head to you; listen to that, but when it’s others, JUST OPEN YOUR HEART and SHUT YOUR EARS. You do not need it. Worse still, DON’T MAKE UP WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE THINKING, holy crapomoly! WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?  I do it, too. Are we crazy? Yep, in a way. We are human and sometimes human incorporates a little bit of crazy, but when you know that, and when you simply can sit back and say, “Yep I’m a little crazy, that’s because I’m human”, it gives you permission to SPRING INTO ACTION RIGHT NOW. 

Do not put off your happiness for another moment, not another second. Stop waiting for ANYTHING IN THE FUTURE TO HAPPEN, remind yourself over and over that LIFE IS NOW. The journey, the process, the road you are on right now towards…………………………… IS LIFE. 


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