Surrender the outcomes!

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By Vickie Magic

Sometimes what you need is also the opposite of what you think you need.

I have found that SURRENDER is the key to PEACE and the key to JOY.

So, if you want more PEACE, or more JOY, or both, then read on.

Ler’s set in place our 2020 vision! Make 2020 your absolute best year EVER.

To do that we must start with surrender.  I certainly used to often try to control what was happening out there.  Manipulating situations to get my own way or to attempting to control something someone else was doing.  I have learnt (took me a while) that this simply doesn’t work.  I would end up in a constant state of upset because things didn’t go the way I wanted. In fact, the truth is that ALL UPSET is THWARTED EXPECTATION.  Every single time we get upset, it’s simply because something didn’t go the way we anticipated (replace with wanted) it to go. Right? 

So, what if, instead of expecting, controlling, desiring and needing, we decided to SURRENDER and completely TRUST that the Universe does indeed have our back.  I have done this, and I want to tell you that I live my life right now with a complete sense of FREEDOM.  At the end of the day isn’t FREEDOM what we all want.  SURRENDERING is not an easy step, but if you start small, it is most definitely something that you can do.  When you simply live life and allow whatever happens to happen and look for and find the good in that, you get PEACE, you get JOY. And oh, my goodness that is the most amazing way to live. 

It’s the fact that we decide we must have this, or we must have that, or this person must think this or they must think that, or do that, or not do that,  that causes all the upset and the angst and all the frustration. This person can even be us: we won’t be happy until . . .  This could be until we have something, someone, a certain job, a certain career, a certain amount of money, or we are married, or unmarried, or have a baby, or a child leaves homes, or we get a degree, finish study and so on.

We keep on putting restrictions on our happiness. I will be happy when, and then the when happens and we invent another when. The reason we do that is that we are always so focused on the outcomes, we sometimes forget to focus on the right here and the right now. However, the right here and the right now, the process to get to the outcome, this is where ALL THE JOY IS.  So, my tip is to focus all your energy on the process, on the daily doing; that way, you can feel joy every step of the way. If you do that and give everything to the process, you are then able to surrender the outcome and let go of the need for the outcome to be a certain way.  When you completely surrender to the PROCESS, the outcome can take care of itself and then instead of being happy when you get somewhere (that you may not even get to), you can actually be happy now and along the way.

So yeah, COLD IS THE NEW BLACK just means to the opposite.  FOCUS ON THE PROCESS, NOT ON THE OUTCOME. 



ACCEPT WHAT IS and you will find that PEACE AND JOY are yours daily.

Who doesn’t want that!

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