What is Pride?

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It’s kind of a funny story when I think back to November 2013 at the Sunshine Coast Business Excellence Awards.  I had recently sprained my ankle quite badly, so I was on crutches. We were sitting towards the back of the room and I remember listening to all the winners’ speeches, thinking, “Wow some of these people are just incredible; when I grow up I want to be just like them”. 

It was a fabulous night and winner after winner received their accolade. It was almost the end of the evening and Magic (my husband) went out to go to the men’s room. On his return he said, “They have just set up dessert outside, I reckon we should bail and go out and grab some.” So, it was decided; we hadn’t been fortunate enough to win our category, so we made the decision to go out and grab a little sugar and beat the rush. 

We scurried around under our chairs to grab our things and, just as we started to stand up, we hear them call out our name. We both looked at each other and said, “Did they just call our name? What for?” We weren’t 100 per cent sure and then we heard the emcee say, “And please welcome our SUNSHINE COAST SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR WINNERS, Business Matters Magazine owners, Vickie and Dranko MAGIC.”

What? OVERALL WINNERS? THE LARGEST PRIZE OF THE NIGHT? If I am honest, I was shaking I was just so excited, just so PROUD.

I was in shock, DISBELIEF, I felt so humble at that moment. Did I say DISBELIEF?

How could it be true?

How could we possibly have won?


It was completely surreal, it was the most amazing, magical humbling moment you could imagine.

I think back and ask myself, “What is the proudest moment of my life to date?”  Up there are marrying my soulmate, Mr Magic; giving birth to my two children, Ashleigh and Jamie; buying a house at the beach; winning Outstanding Business Person of the Year a few years earlier, and winning Micro Small Business Women of the Year, and years earlier, winning Commercial Radio Sales Person of the Year; these were definitely all in the running, of course.

The personal ones are actually more important to me. The best things I have ever done in my life is give birth to two amazing souls, my children, Ashleigh Kate and Jamie Julian, marrying MAGIC,  my soulmate, my rock and the love of my life, buying a house 30 seconds from the beach, I’m truly proud of these things. BUT THIS WAS THE PINNACLE OF MY BUSINESS CAREER, this was quite frankly a DAY that we will never ever forget and one that we are SO PROUD OF to this day. 

What it meant to us most of all was that we were on the right track; people clearly loved what we were doing, and our business model worked.  It confirmed that we were getting the success formula right. It was my goal from day one to INSPIRE, EDUCATE AND CONNECT; standing on that stage on the 16 November 2013, I knew we had achieved that goal.  I won’t enter those particular awards again because we couldn’t get a better result than we got that night, and I want to leave another business and another person the opportunity to feel the amount of PRIDE that I certainly felt that night and, if I am honest, since in the business realm. 

Pride is something that I believe I can tap into at any moment; if ever I get down and forget how far I’ve come I simply remind myself of that night, of that win and I smile and say to myself, “That night you won Small Business of the Year 2013; you have nothing to be down about so get back up and follow your dreams”.

So, think about it, what is your proudest moment?

It doesn’t matter what it was/ is, it simply matters that you are able to take yourself back into that moment, to step into that pride, that feeling and bring that feeling into your now, to remind yourself of how you felt and bring back that feeling of pride.

When you bring that feeling back into your now it simply reminds you what you are capable of. It can also remind you that you can feel those feelings by simply making a choice to feel them.  The more we think about something, the more we link the neurons in our brain to them and the more we link those the easier it is to think the thoughts.  We, as humans tend to link these neurons to the negative and therefore we keep on linking back to those kinds of images and thoughts, what we don’t like, that time that someone wronged us, or something wrong happened, or how something made us feel bad. Then we think of another and another and pretty soon those feelings consume us, and we feel bad.    

The only way you can get good at ANYTHING is to practice repeat. Practice repeat, but remember practice makes perfect and it also makes permanent, so if you are practising focusing on what’s wrong, you get perfect at doing that, and it becomes a permanent way of being for you.  So, if you want to change your feelings from thinking about and focusing on what makes you feel sad or bad to thinking about what makes you feel proud and glad then start now, start changing your focus, start catching yourself and practising focusing your attention towards what you DO WANT, WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD, WHAT YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR AND, MOST OF ALL, WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL PROUD.

I absolutely promise you that you will just get better and better at this and eventually you will rewire your brain to a new way of thinking and a new way of being; one that makes you feel good, one that makes you feel alive, and one that makes you feel PROUD.

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