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Vickie Magic is passionate about inspiring herself and other to live their best life.  To wake up to what MATTERS, to focus your attention to what MATTERS.

As a Journalist and owner of local Sunshine Coast Magazine, Matters Magazine and an Executive Life and Business Coach with MATTERS Coaching, MATTERS Online Courses, and You MATTER Retreats, for over ten years, Vickie’s purpose and passion is to transform lives.  

Her strong point is empowering people to really FOCUS their thoughts and ENERGY on what MATTERS. 

What is Pride?

WHAT ARE YOU PROUD OF? It’s kind of a funny story when I think back to November 2013 at the Sunshine Coast Business Excellence Awards.  I had recently sprained my

In Pursuit of Happiness

By Vickie Magic I was born in the middle of 1960; I don’t remember that day, but I believe that it was a happy one for Elaine and Jerry Exton.

Happiness is..

Happiness is . . . By Vickie Magic No matter how happy we are, we could always be a little happier. The truth is that each and every one of

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