Monkey Mind Magic

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Monkey Mind Magic


In ‘Monkey Mind Magic’ you will discover the seven unique superpowers for successfully combatting that silly monkey mind, that often leads to anxiety, stress, overwhelm and fear and potentially even burn-out or worse.  Unlike other programs that require long-term hand holding, once you master these superpowers, they are yours to call on, at will, for the rest of your life or when the next curve ball gets thrown your way.

The seven superpowers are: The Power of Now, The Power of Surrender, The Power of Choice, The Power of Love, The Power of Courage, The Power of Belief, and The Power of Gratitude.

Mastering these superpowers will give you the tools to transform yourself from anxious thoughts to trusting thoughts from stress and overwhelm to peaceful and calm, and from fearful to courageous.



Monkey Mind Magic

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