We constantly look after everyone else, our family, our friends, our work often come before US. The time to work on YOU is right now because YOU MATTER.  If you constantly have that MONKEY MIND MADNESS (that voice in your head that keeps on sabotaging your success) Then you have landed in the exact right place to begin work on YOU,  It’s time for you, time to apply your own oxygen masks, so that you really can help everyone else.  So that you really can find the happiness you deserve, the success and abundance you want for yourself. You are worth it. 

Turning the MONKEY MIND MADNESS, into MONKEY MIND MAGIC is what I love doing the most on the planet.  You see the MONKEY MIND used to own me, it would constantly speak to me inside my head telling me all the reasons that I wasn’t enough, why I would achieve, it robbed me of success, it robbed me of happiness and more than that when I look back now, it robbed me of being the authentic version of me, that I just knew was in there wanting to escape the MADNESS. When I look back now, I am just so thankful that I did the work. 

The framework of the work that I do is my UNIQUE SEVEN SUPERPOWERS and honestly they change EVERYTHING they give you the tools, the skills, the HOW to flip the anxious thoughts into trusting thoughts, the stress to calm, the overwhelm to peace and the fear to courage.  These seven superpowers once learnt, are yours to call on at will for the rest of your life.  This doesn’t mean the MONKEY MIND won’t return, it simply means that you get up faster, you springback quicker, you just don’t stay down as long.  I now know that I will go down, but now with having mastered the SUPERPOWER of CHOICE, I’ve learnt how to choose and unchoose fast.  I’ve learnt through the SUPERPOWER OF NOW how to stay in the present, this took a while for me as I often focused on the past, or worried about the future. The SUPERPOWER OF SURRENDER helped me give up the pain of unmet goals, unmet expectations, to completely surrender the outcomes and focus on the process and actions. It changed so much for me.  The SUPERPOWER OF COURAGE gave me the VOICE to be ME. The SUPERPOWER OF LOVE helped me FINALLY truly love ME, which me others LOVE me and made me LOVE others so much MORE. The SUPERPOWER of BELIEF made me see the LIE inside so many of my beliefs, beliefs that were definitely not serving me AND THE SUPERPOWER OF GRATITUDE made me finally see what was right all around me instead of constnatly focussing on what was WRONG. It made me focus on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want, to focus on where I going instead of where I had been.

This UNIQUE SEVEN SUPERPOWERS framework exists in all my programs, my coaching, my retreats, my mentoring,  my online programs and of course in THE WAKE UP CLUB, so whatever way you choose to take, to change your MONKEY MIND MADNESS INTO MONKEY MIND MAGIC, I know that this work can change EVEYTHIHNG.

I work with everyday individuals who are struggling with that MONKEY MIND that often turns to anxiety, stress or fear, I help them to learn and master the MONKEY MIND MAGIC to help them become trusting, calm and courageous and live that happy life they both desire and deserve. 

If that’s you JUMP ON IT.

If you are ready to gain more confidence, more courage, more calm or need more belief in yourself,  then work with me.

Maybe you’re ready to up the ante on your level of happiness,  personal freedom, ready to find more peace.  Or maybe you’re ready to do the work you need to do to overcome anxiety, stress or fear?

If any of the above resonate with you and you are looking for support to do it, then look no further because this is what I wake up to do each day.

I truly believe that is is time to answer the call, it’s time to truly WAKE UP to what MATTERS, because I believe in you, 

I believe, ‘You’ve Got This’, isn’t it time you believed it too?

You know way more than you think!  

You are way stronger than you think, way smarter than you believe 

and way more capable than you ever thought possible.

At the very least, I would love to invite you to join me in ‘The Wake Up Club’ , find out what it’s all about, 

for just $19 a month and no contracts, you have absolutely nothing to lose.


Vickie Magic is a journalist, Magazine Owner, Internationally accredited Life and Business Mentor that is passionate about empowering her readers and clients to FOCUS on WHAT MATTERS. To master the skills needed for more happiness, peace and personal freedom.  Learning the skills to overcome stress, overwhelm, and for stepping out of their comfort zone and into their person power, to increase JOY, HEALTH, WEALTH and CONFIDENCE. 

Vickie is keen to work with you if you feel it is your time to shine, your time to step up, your time to rid yourself of any self sabotage, time to really stop making up excuses and start DOING the things you know you need to DO to live the live you want to live.


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