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I am excited to share some of my favourite inspirational videos with you. Check in for new Videos regularly.

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Dr Joe Dispenza on Covid 19 and how gratitude can keep you safe.

In this video Dr Joe Dispenza shares how gratitude can change your genetic destiny.  That meditation can add years to your life.

Simon Sinek - A life altering video.

Simon shares five important rules that will change you future.


Rita Wilson - What do I want?

Fantastic video from Rita Wilson, sharing the most important question you can ask yourself. What do I want?

Dream - A video that is a must see for every human.

There are moments when you will doubt yourself. Moments when you won’t believe in you. Watch this video to get some tips on what to do to overcome these thoughts.


The Power of Self-Inquiry with Byron Katie.

Bryon Katie and the Life Changing work, called ‘The work’ is a way to identify and question the judgement that cause all the suffering in the world OR all the suffering in your life.

Life changing work.

Michael Singer, What do you really want?

Michael Singer is the bomb.  His life changing work is so powerful, I know you will love it.  In this video, ‘What do you really want, Michael shares his thoughts on this topic. It’s sensational.   He talks about what spiritually really is. Have a listen. 

Oprah Soul Sundays.
Find your calling.

In this video Oprah shares how to find your calling. She shares four questions to ask yourself how to find yours.



Jay Shetty interviews his wife.

Jay Shetty  asks his wife, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty,  all of the things that he believes you would love to know about them.  It is just beautiful. Ex Monk and total inspriation Jay Shetty is an ongoing inspirational to all of us. 

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You!

May the long time sunshine upon you. At first this may seem a little flower power, but actually it is quite a powerful video  As you listen simply relax,  breathe in and out and allow yourself to feel the peace it brings.

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