The Wake-Up Club

…is just $19 a month, 

it’s ongoing INSPIRATION, 

ongoing REMINDERS, 


Transformational tools to MASTER the seven superpowers for success and happiness.

You can access via the website,

via the private facebook page, 

or via the ‘Monday Morning’ all content in one place email, 

it’s up to you how much you do each day, 

each week or each month. 


It’s there for you anytime you need a pick-me-up 

or a reminder of who you are.


It’s that ongoing WAKE-UP call, 

ongoing tips and tools to help you anytime you need help.

 This is about assisting you to live that successful, abundant, happy life



We may be strong one day, and struggling the next, 

as humans we all go off track from time to time and that can lead to 

stress, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, depression or worse.



With the Wake-Up Club, you will have amazing tips and tools right there in at your fingertips, you will have wonderful people in your corner in the felllow members, constant support, constant reminders, constant inspiration, constant encouragement. Reminding you, ‘You’ve Got This’.


But more than that included is:




Can be done anytime of day that works for you.



Monday – Weekly Focus from Vickie



Tuesday – Tiny Tip Tuesday  

Inspirational Tip



Wednesday – Weekly on the spot work-sheet 



Thursday – Thankful Thursday

Looking for what’s right 



Friday – Feel good Friday 

Weekly Reflection & weekly wake-up feel good email 

with all content from the week. 



At just $19 a month the Wake Up Club is CONSTANT INSPIRATION and tips and tools for SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS.

Join the Wake Up Club today for just $19 a month.


 I am so excited to share this group with you. I think you will just love it.  And if you don’t you can cancel at any time you like. There are no contracts or join up fees. It’s just $19 bucks a month and you get so so much.


It’s the daily WAKE-UP CALL to help you really wake up to WHAT MATTERS MOST.


The monthly WAKE-UP CLUB membership includes:


  • A weekday Meditation to set your intentions

  • A Weekly focus 

  • A Private Facebook Group

  • A Weekly worksheet

  • A Weekly update email

  • Inspiration and motivation constantly to keep you focussing on what MATTERS. (as above)

  • Access to over nearly a hundred mediatations online (That you can mark off when completed, so you know where you are up to.

  • Access to all of the past tools and tips.  

  • Access to health Tips.

  • Access to Business Tips

  • And a stack more tools to inspire you and remind you to WAKE UP and remember  that ‘YOU’VE GOT THIS’ thing called life. 

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