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One of the best things about these retreats are the beautiful, amazing ladies you will meet.  The connections with gorgeous,  mostly like-minded ladies, is life long.  It’s a no judgement, supportive environment, where you finally get to just be you. Where you can fall back in love with the version of you that you may have forgotten.  These retreats are about re-connection with you, about becoming that fearless authentic version of you and stepping back into your super powers. They are a personal upgrade towards a happier, more content version of you. 

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6th 7th 8th August – 2021

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Re-train your brain

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Things don’t stop happening. Things are always going to happen. However, you get more and more resilient, you get stronger, you become teflon, no matter what happens, it’s like water off a ducks back, and your happiness, your joy stays in place.  This takes learning the tools to train your brain to work WITH you instead of AGAINST you. That MONKEY BRAIN that takes over and keep you playing small.  Train it to SERVE YOU. 

Next Retreat

August 6th 7th 8th 2021

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Put the Oxygen masks on you first

Relax and Rejuvenate

Time out for you.  Is it time that you took some time out for you? Time to relax, time to reset, time to meditate, to be still.  Is it time you spend time on you?  When you make the decision to put the oxygen mask on you, you actually are more able to look after the ones you love. 

Learn and then Master the Seven Superpowers for Success. The Power of Now, the Power of Surrender, The Power of Choice, The Power of Love, The Power of Courage, The Power of Belief and the Power of Gratitude.

Date for next retreat 2021

August 6th 7th 8th


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