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Time to Re-Connect

About our Beach Side Couples retreats

Are you ready to work on your relationship?  Taking some time out from life to really focus on what you both want can get you more of what you want and need. This beach side retreat will take you back to nature, take you back to you.

We’ve all watched the classic romantic comedy, romantic walks on the beach and wished that was us. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually could be? If we could feel safe, fulfilled, in love and happy.

Of course we can’t promise you those feelings every minute of every day, however we can definitely help you rediscover your connection, your love for each other by working exclusively on the relationship with a facilitator to guide you every step of the way. We can give you some tools to you rediscover that love you once had. 

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Bring back the romance

More about our Beach side Couples retreats

Maybe you are not sure if you should stay together or separate. This retreat will definitely help you find that clarity.

If your relationship is struggling right now and you know you need to do some work. or you and your partner have begun to question whether you should remain together then it is definitely time to reach out.

Vickie Magic has been is passionate about sharing her effortless strategies for turning things around, she has been facilitating retreats for more ten years.  She has put together an intensive program that will help you look at what’s actually causing the issues in your relationship.   

You will get the opportunity to work individually and together over the five days.  

It could be a great time to re-ignite your relationship, potentially bring back some passion, intimacy and aliveness, to fall back in love with the person you once loved. 

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Resort has Spa, Sauna,
Tennis Court, Swimming Pool.

Re-ignite the fire, the passion you once had

More about our Beach Side Couples retreats

This is an five day immersion  program, followed by a three month coaching program (included in the price) . It’s hard work, not for the faint -hearted, it’s for those seriously ready to work on potentially long-seated resentments and problems within their relationship, to finally shift the pain and conflict that might have been standing in the way of LOVE. 

Vickie is an internationally accredited life and business coach, she has been facilitation retreats for over ten years.  As a couple you will work separately and together with Vickie.

The retreat includes:

Airport pick up, if needed, 

Four nights accommodation (overlooking the beach),

Five days (Monday to Friday),

All meals (dietaries catered for),

Daily coaching with Vickie,

Two relaxation sessions per person (choice from Massage, Body treatment, Facial),

Daily relaxation,

Daily work you will need to do alone and together,

Daily reading, daily videos you will be required to watch,

Daily meditation sessions (to help get rid of that monkey mind voice in our head)

Plus a three months followup couples coaching program.

This retreat is NOT for everyone,  to apply please contact Vickie and let her know your why.

Cost is $5,500 or $6,300 (if separate rooms needed). It includes four nights, five days immersion plus three months coaching. 

You’re relationship is worth a million times this.

Already know you want in, click on Book here and we will be in touch to work out a date, or if you would like to  find out more, click on learn more.  Don’t wait another moment.

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