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These programs are all about breaking free of the 'Monkey Mind Madness' those voices in our head that attempt to sabotage our success and our happiness.

Leave behind the overwhelm, the stress, the anxiety, the fear, turn anxiety into trust, stress into peace, overwhelm into calm and fear into courage.

The SEVEN SUPERPOWERS to breakfree of the noise is the framework for success, it exists in all of the programs and the coaching and retreats, it is the secret ingredient to breakfree of the monkey mind and step into the success and happiness we desire and deserve.

The next intake for the Monkey Mind Makeover will be early 2021.   

The Wake Up Club waitlist is now closed, next intake 19th October

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Seven Magicpowers MEDITATIONS

These powerful meditations help you to live into the Seven Superpowers. NOW, SURRENDER, CHOICE, LOVE, COURAGE, BELIEF AND GRATITUDE. With a futher BONUS ‘FUTURE YOU’ MEDITATION. Enjoy these meditations to bring more peace, calm and intention into your day.

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The Wake Up Club

Next intake 19th October. Please join the wait list by clicking on the button above. The Wake Up Club is a members ONLY group giving you constant wake-up calls to inspire your success and happiness. Tame the voice in your head that constantly sabotages your success.

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‘Monkey Mind Makeover’

Current participants only – click below to access this program now, then press on LOGIN, don’t press on TAKE THIS COURSE as it will ask you to pay again. Non-particpants the next intake will be January 2021. Please join the waitlist above to receive information about this program.

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